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Raised a Minnesota farm-girl in a sporting family, Krissie Mason is a writer, photographer, editor, outdoorswoman, and wild game food enthusiast. She is a regular contributor to a variety of outdoor lifestyle magazines, destination publications, and websites. In addition to other outdoor pursuits, she has recently become addicted to fly-fishing. Krissie fully supports a field-to-fork wild food-chain and enjoys expanding pantries and stretching wild fish & game palates with ambitious and delicious recipes. Previously, she was Editor and Design Creative of Horizons Magazine: a bi-monthly publication of the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers.  Recently, Krissie has been shooting historic, large format wet plate photography replicating the photographic science used to document the Alaskan Harriman Expedition and portraits of the likes of John Muir, George Bird Grinnell, Gifford Pinchot 

& Cornilia "Fly-Rod" Crosby. 

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