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Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Bake your bread in a cast iron dutch oven.

Don’t let baking bread scare you off. There are two super simple, well-known, no-kneading required recipes that I use all the time for stews, soups, and my Knuckle Suckin' Venison Chili. The quality of the finished product, along with the satisfaction it brings to have baked a beautiful crusty loaf of bread with a tender and moist inner crumb is really rewarding.

You look at it and go, “Holy moly! I just made that gorgeous loaf of bread completely from scratch!” Down side is, once your family tastes it spread with the goodness of warm melty butter, or the sweet heat of Wild Plum Jam with Boar Bacon and Jalapeños they will demand this bread over any store bought imposter! The first recipe is called Bread in 5, and the second is No-Knead Bread. (Click the links for videos that will walk you through the process.)

Need a good slicer that isn’t the size of a small lawn tractor? I’ll go on the record to say my Chef’s Choice Electric 665 food slicer is a masterpiece of form and function and fits in my cupboard! Handsomely styled, it is a rugged, commercial quality appliance. It has die cast aluminum construction and excellent stability and rigidity that allows for accurate slicing.

After my beautiful loaf of crusty homemade bread cooled I couldn’t wait to get it on the large-capacity, cantilevered food carriage of the Chef’s Choice slicer. And I wasn’t disappointed. The 665’s powerful, cool-running, high-torque motor and high-quality multipurpose stainless-steel serrated blade provided continuous, non-stop slicing, and made perfectly sliced bread of any thickness a breeze.

And when you are done slicing up your loaf, you can use it to cut deli thin cheeses, vegetables, and wild game charcuterie.


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